Our passion at U.S. Bolt Mfg., Inc., is the satisfaction of our customer. By providing consultative support to our customer’s engineered bolting applications, we help them solve problems, and avoid costly mistakes. Through this close relationship, we can determine the customer’s real goals and help him meet them. We understand that no matter how good we might be, if we don’t give our customer what he wants, we won’t be successful. That’s the true measure of our value-add.

For over 25 years U.S. Bolt, has been recognized as a world-class producer of engineered bolting intended for use in hostile environments and safety-related applications. For joining the most critical connections in deep-water offshore drilling and production equipment, power generating turbomachinery, pumps, valves, pressure vessels, Navy ships and industrial machinery, our hot forged, premium quality bolting is the stand-alone choice.

We hold certification and accreditation for our compliance to some of the most demanding globally-recognized standards:

  • API Q1
  • API 20E (BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL-3) Monogram Licensee
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC 7/2, Annex 1, Paragraph 4.3
  • ISO 17025:2005


We manufacture engineered bolting for critical service and safety-related applications. Forged fasteners; hex head bolts and screws, 12 point flange, hex flange, socket cap, etc., hex nuts, all-metal lock-nuts; all thread studs, tap-end studs, and a variety of special configurations. Areas of specific expertise include: Bolting for subsea Oil & Gas drilling and production equipment (Risers, BOPs, TJs, Flex Joints, Stress Joints, Well Head Connectors, Subsea Manifolds, Subsea Well Heads, and Subsea Trees); connecting bolts and tie rods for Fracking Pump fluid end connections; Gas Turbine hot gas-path through bolts, rotor bolts and shroud screws, coupling bolts, and turbine split-casing bolts and nuts.


U.S. Bolt will be the global leader in the manufacture of bolting for use in critical subsea service and safety related applications and the development of industry standards governing those applications. We will understand customer requirements and meet or exceed them. We will give the customer what he wants. We will maintain total focus on the quality and integrity of the products we supply. We will train our employees to meet our quality and service goals, while practicing the highest levels of ethical behavior.